Issue with Compatible Field Types

This is probably a unique use case but it worked until Softr initiated the warning for compatible field types. I am using an Airtable Rollup field for HTML snippets in order to display a series of external icons. In Softr Studio, it’s an Embed type.


Yes, I have been facing the same incompatibility issue with some apps and some airtable fields after recent updates to the softr studio core. The scary part is that there is no need for you to update blocks, your mapping will get in trouble either way.

As a quick fix, I have had to turn several airtable fields to formula type and re-do the mapping. It sucks! We didn’t get any warnings on how to be ready to face this problem

Not a unique case, this is also an issue for me using formula fields. It also poses problems with user account set-up and the “name” field which I use as a formula for first and last names, so I can never map the field and if someone is entered and synced via Airtable the name is not pulled in and you cannot edit a user! So you can only enter new users via Softr if you map fields using non-traditional field types.

And not as much a bug report and a design and developer issue.