Is there any date for the blog functionality to be rolled out?

Is there any date for the blog functionality to be rolled out? I need this

Hi, unfortunately this feature left the Softr roadmap. So it won’t be for the next weeks or for the next 6 months I think.

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Hey @layoffsbrasil,

As @matthieu_chateau mentioned this option is not in the priority. We should think of a smooth plan firstly.

Here I would suggest checking these 2 options.

Option 1

@layoffsbrasil truthfully, I felt the like I really wanted “out of the box” blog functions as well, but once I dug into it, it’s very possible to create a well SEO functioning blog with only currently available features. The one thing that I would really would like an improved option for is a rich text field to compose, pass, store, and present the blog post itself, but that’s not something Softr alone can fix because Airtable rich text fields can’t hold images in-line with text. In essence, Softr and Airtable are more than capable of providing a sufficient infrastructure for a blog, just lacking the blog article composition function. It’s a sturdy books shelf, with only means to put light weight books on it natively.

Hi Suzie

I think the image at Step 2 in the How to Create a Blog from a Data Source help doc needs updating. It’s currently the same image as in Step 1.