Is there any button to clear filters?

Hi! If I selected some options (tags or inside dropdown) I’d like to deselect them with a simple button like “Clear all”. Is that possible?

Hey @Isolina,

This is not possible yet, but we have many requests, I’ll check with the team to see when we can add the option :slight_smile:

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Cool! Thanks.

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We are in discussions with the product team @Isolina

+1 for this feature!

is there a workaround for this? In a table block if I apply filters there’s literally no way to clear them. IE shouldn’t one of the filter options be “no filter”?

This seems like a UX issue - the ‘clear filter’ option would be the title you gave the filter. Ideally this should be more clear

In my example, I have to click ‘Yrs creating art’ to clear that filter


Any update here?

I’m new to Softr . . . really liking it, but this issue is a significant hurdle now. Thanks.

@Suzie hi again…any update? :thinking:


As a part of new blocks we are doing new and better filters and they will have one… will keep posted when the release date is clear

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