Is there an option to view Word documents, Power Point presentations, Excel document through any Softr field type?


As part of my application, users can upload documents. Documents can be PDF, Word doc, Excel spreadsheets. From what I explored, I see a type called PDF and that correctly displays only PDF documents. How do I display the other type of documents? If I map to PDF for a column that has Word doc or Excel spreadsheet, the place is just left blank.

Is there a way to achieve this in a straight forward manner in Softr? Or should I think of any integrations to convert any type of document to PDF and then display in Softr?

Hi @prettycold currently only pdf docs can be previewed. Other types of files can only be dowloaded. So I think the only way would be converting them into pdf If you want to display. Another way would be embedding them into custom code block and display that way or add embed code into text field in your datasource table and connect it to embed type of field on your dynamic block to display dynamically for each item.

Thanks @Maria . Is there any working example to embed options that you mentioned?

Here is an embedded google sheet. We have a long text field in Airtable table connected to embed type of field.

Here is also an article about how to embed it
The same iframe code can also be added in a Custom code block in case you want to show just one spreadsheet

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Thanks for the quick reply @Maria. let me give this a try and update the topic.

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In my case, the user uploads an excel spreadsheet. And I store it in Airtable today. I need to build an option to preview the same. I doubt whether this option will work for me. Let me dig more.

Hey @prettycold yes, currently you can only preview pdf If connected to pdf type of field on any of List Details block and I doubt excel spreadsheet can be embedded either. I remember there was one such case and the embed code provided by excel was not rendered.

I see. :roll_eyes:

@prettycold what If you import it to Google sheets for now?

Thanks @Maria. Let me see if that’s possible.