Is there a way we could have preview content

Hi Community!
is there a way we could have preview content and then: ‘to read more please upgrade’
Please see the image attached, this might help to understand what i am looking for.
It´s like a pop-up.
Thank you so much!

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-18 150112

Yes, there is a way…actually many ways!

And what you are asking for is one of the most important strengths of softr; permissions and visibility rules.

However, to achieve exactly what you are after, you are going to need custom code.
Because I guess that any given visitor, will be allowed to read xxxx numbers of lines before the popup shows the banner to upgrade. Or you could set a specific number of seconds before the banner pops

Thank you, Acjnas!

Do you guys have a code as an example maybe? Or do you know where or who can do that?



When you have your project ready, pending this feature. Contact me.

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Would be interested in this as well!
Has anyone built something that works well?