Is there a way to take photos and upload them from a form "browse" button?

To this point I’ve created a nice form to gather client files submissions but the ceo just asked if there is a way we can create a “capture photos” button which automatically opens users phone camera then uploads selected photos afterwards to my softr form.

I noticed that no one replied here. The bottom line is that in a Softr app you’re going to be limited to just the camera features that the mobile browser exposes to a web app. For iOS that is going to be an “Upload” button that allows the user to select one or more photos from their camera roll, or allows them to take one or more pictures, assuming the user grants permission to the web app. This should work anywhere that Softr presents an attachments upload button, such as a File field in a Form. See the docs for more info on that.

I don’t know Android but my guess is it’s the same.

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