Is there a way to limit the # of new entries for a user?

I’m new to Softr (which is a mighty impressive app, BTW), so my question may be simple, but…

Assume I have an app that lets users enter in item information.

I don’t want the user to add more than 500 items.

So my multi-part question is:

  1. Is there a way to get a count of the items the user has already entered
  2. Is there a way to disable the “add” button (or whatever mechanism used) to keep them from adding a new item if they hit their limit?

Getting a record count per user is possible. It would require two tables. One for the list of users, and one for the transactions. You would link the user ID to each transaction so that the transaction records would display in the related field in the users table. You would then add a Count field type on the transactions field in the user table.

For the record limit, there is not a feature in either platforms (Airtable or Softr) to accommodate this requirement. In my opinion it would take a combination of automations and API fancy-work :wink:

Submit an enhancement request to Airtable and Softr. You never know, it may happen some day.


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I guess you could pass as hidden field who adds entries then du Airtable formula to calculate number of entries per user and then define user groups like one which is above limits hide the form and show some message