Is there a way to do more custimization for List Detail Page Block?

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Hello all. I am building a digital catalog website to show product details. I tried to use List detail page to display a specific product. The product have a lot of attributes to show. I want to show them in a condensed table like this.

However, it only allows me to have three fields on the right of the image(Product Name, Product Description and one extra tag attribute)

The best approach I have is to use List Details Page with 3 Column View under the previous block. I’m wondering if there is a way to have image shown on the left and maybe 3 Column View on the right next to the image? like this

This is important to my project because my products will have short-length description but a lot of attributes to show.


Hey @Peter1, you will not be able to add data next to the image in the list details block with a table-like interface, the way you showed in the screenshots. Instead, you can use the “List details page with image slider” list details block and add all yoru record attributes under the image.