Is there a DM feature between members + can be pushed to email as notification?

I’m building a marketplace for people to rent equipment and offer their equipment up for rent. Just wondering if:

  1. There is a DM function/block? In the Softr Docs it mentions Atom Chat but it sounds like that is a group based messaging system.

  2. If yes, what are the possible notification methods if people aren’t always logged in and checking their messages?

:pray: Thanks in advance Softrers!

I’m very interested to see how Atom Chat could look on a Softr site :slight_smile:

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There isn’t any built-in function for DMs. You’d need to integrate something like AtomChat or FastComments.

It’s possible to build email notifications with automations in Airtable. For example, it wasn’t hard to build some scripts that send out instant notifications and nightly digest notifications for comments.

Thanks! Which method did you use or recommend for private DMs between members?

If I needed this, I’d probably try FastComments first. You can see it integrated into Softr on I helped Joachim a bit with the integration, and it seemed like a good commenting tool with DM functionality.

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Thank you David! Yeah I checked out Atom Chat and it’s minimum $16/month + another $19 if I wanted email notifications :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’m going to try and hack it first, seeing that I’m building a totally unvalidated idea rn :joy:

Yeah, that makes sense. I’m curious how you’re going to go about trying to hack it! Details!

Hi @dcoletta are you able to share the code for the FastComments setup? Their documentation is pretty difficult to follow. Thanks!