Is Softr right for my project / use-case?

Hey All!

Hopefully this isn’t duplicative, but I wanted to gauge the communities opinion if softr is right for my project.

I’m working with a non-profit, and the goal is to host a platform/website that allows ~50 partners to log-in, update/edit their “portfolio” on an ad-hoc basis, and then feeds that data either to a public website OR to tabular file (like a google sheet / excel file).

Anyone’s thoughts are super helpful and appreciated, and let me know if you have any questions too!

Hi @michaelmarzec11 a good question! I think if you’re coming here you’ll find some bias but, that said, I would say that Softr is in fact a good option for your project.

Softr provides a powerful interface for your end users to interact with their own data and you can either use your data source, like Airtable and possible other third party api tools, to accomplish the export to your desired end-point.

I think that once you’re comfortable with using Softr, you’ll find it’s very easy to stand something like this up. As a use case, one of the websites I’ve built out ( does a lot of this. We have a number of end users, organized by user groups unlocking specific permissions, self-service their own data via a log-in. They can claim and associate their user account with business listings or activity listings, and we can also have them add/edit their linked accounts. We can share/feed this data with other websites we have built using Airtable.

I’ve also been using the same tech stack (Softr & Airtable) to automate a volunteer sign-up, time tracking, and reporting website/app for a local nonprofit.

There is a lot that you can do with Softr, but I’m confident your use case could be built out. If you have any questions or issues in getting set up, feel free to shoot me a message!