Is it possible to use multiple list details blocks within a list details page?

I have a marketplace whereby Type 1 users can view a list of Type 2 users and click on a record in a list block to view the details of the Type 2 user. I’ve set up a list details page for Type 2 users and want to use both the list-details1 and list-details2 blocks for formatting purposes.

Only one of the list details blocks is synced. The second block I added has an error when loaded in preview mode:

Displaying random data
Try again, or notify the application owner: “List of records or a conditional filter doesn’t specify a record to show on page details.”

Any tips or advice would be appreciated!

Do you have a visibility set for each block so one user sees only one block ?

No, it’s not a visibility issue. It’s a Softr mapping issue:


i.e.: Softr sees 2 list details blocks within a list details page and only attributes the content to one of the blocks instead of all the content on one page. This also makes it very difficult to create a basic profile page where users can edit their information.

Send a test user to our support folks they will help to troubleshoot