Is it possible to sell the acces to my app?

What’s up, guys.

I’m creating an app, but before I make it a reality I have some doubts. In this case, it will be a personal task tracking app.

Let’s assume I use the app I created, right? I’m filling it with data, my data. If other people have access to my app, will they have access to a brand new page for them where they can use the template of my spreadsheet? Or will they have access to my data as well?

I was planning to sell access to my app, but if it’s shared data, then it’s unfeasible.

Hi @pedrop There are 2 options that can be considered.
If you’re considering transferring your application from your workspace to someone else’s after its creation, note that during the move, you’ll be prompted to replace your datasource with one that the new user will have access to. This step is not optional; it’s necessary if your app is already connected to a datasource. Learn more here

Alternatively, if you aim to create a template from your application so other users can use it, you have the flexibility to set any datasource link you prefer. This ensures that users who adopt your app template will have access to the data from the specified datasource base.
See the help doc