Is it possible to get a sticky button or to float a button on the right on a list details page?

Hi guys,

I am creating my list details page at the moment and I would love the open to create a sticky ‘book now’ button or to be able to float a ‘book now’ button to the right of all the other details so it always show.

Does anyone have any work around for how this could be possible?

A really good example of what I am looking for is something like this: Daytime pottery painting - Saturday Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Anna and welcome to the community!

So, first of all, there’s no feature in Softr to do this. That means this is going to have to be some custom code.

I think this is really two questions:

  1. what’s the HTML and CSS for creating a floating button?
  2. if I have the HTML and CSS for the floating button, how do I get it into my Softr site?

The answer to 1 is I don’t know but I suspect there are lots of tutorials on the web for how to make this.

The answer to 2 is that once you have the HTML and CSS working, you can paste it into the custom code settings for the page - it probably will not be desirable to put it in a custom code block.