Is it possible to duplicate a read-only record and then navigate to that duplicated record?

Hey all! I’m working through a couple of challenging Softr issues right now, and I think all of them would be solved if this is possible.

Let’s take Google Docs as an example. Say that the creator of a Google Doc chooses to make their file read-only. A visitor can duplicate the Google Doc by clicking File >> Make a Copy, upon which they’re immediately navigated to that new duplicate. Since they’re the creator of the duplicate, they can then edit that duplicated Doc.

I want to do something identical on Softr:

  1. A user views a record (via the list detail block) in Softr. The user does not have permission to edit this original list detail block.
  2. The user hits a button.
  3. Hitting the button duplicates the record in Airtable.
  4. The user is then immediately navigated to this duplicated record. They do have permission to edit this duplicated record.

I think steps 1-3 would be easy enough to implement (I would use a hidden field on a form to collect the page’s record ID, submit the record to Airtable, and then use an Airtable automation to duplicate the record). What I’m stuck on is step 4. As far as I can tell, I’d need to be able to 1) pull the record ID of the record that was just created, and 2) append that new record ID to a URL/

Does anyone know if this is possible? If so, thoughts on solving?

If you can do this via zapier or integromat and get the ID back small script then can redirect I think