Is form prefill only available on paid plans?

i can’t find the “Field” parameter in my form. is it a plan related issue?

this is what i have

and this is what the help page says i should have

thank you!

Maybe your screenshot is referring to configurations of data inside list blocks, and not configurations inside the form block. Can you confirm that?

Please try again to add and config a form block, and if you find trouble, try documenting it with a wider screenshot

Hi @acjnas

yes this is from the configuration of a form. here is a larger screenshot with the default customizable form

i tried different “destinations”, like send to data source or fwd to email, but same same.

on your side, do you have the “Field” field for every items of your form?

I’ve made more tests and:

  • the documentation is not updated. now instead of Field, we just need to use Map to.
  • prefill doesnt work for sign-up forms, which is very annoying

Yes you are right, it did change from field to map. Also, signup forms seem to have a very different structure from regular softr forms, but you can easily turn a regular form into a signup form.

Oh really? A regular form to sign-up?
How do you do that @acjnas ?
I quickly looked into that but as there was not a password field i quickly gave up

Hi @metafred
As far as I understand from the screenshots you’re trying to prefill the Sign-up form, right?
To be honest, it’s not possible to prefill the sign-up form, but referring to your last question on how to turn the Form block into a sign-up form, here is what I would suggest doing:

  1. Add all the required field on the Customizable form block and map them to the corresponding Airtable fields - Email, Password, Name and anything else you need.
  2. Once the Form gets submitted, run Make or Zapier automation so the users get added from Airtable to Softr. The automations have a password field that can be sent to Softr too.

Let me know if it makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

@metafred quick question why not use Softr signup forms? with that you don’t need to deal with passwords which makes it more secure.

thanks @Viktoria i’m gonna try that.

@artur i would like to pass extra info in the signup form. prefill is not allowed, so i’m stuck.
basically i would like one user to be able to share a signup link to his friends, and that link would lead to the signup form, with extra info in the url that i could collect when the new user signs up