Is anyone as Frustrated as I am?

I am so frustrated. There is a LIST of things right now causing it, but I could leave my site alone for several hours, only update data in my spreadsheet (not touching the headers), come back and softer is not showing my clients anything again.

I came to softr attracted by the “ease of use” and user friendliness it portrayed. No coding, it said. It’ll be easy, supposedly. I’m neck deep, months in to this, thousands of hours and money into it, and it just keeps not working. I am disappointed. My clients are being dragged through a nightmare, and I don’t know what to do.

Using Google Sheets
Mostly just connected to ONE workbook with multiple sheets so that it is not having to go find a multitude of sheets when we need to update.

Here are just SOME of the issues-
Noted above - could do absolutely nothing but update user info- and sheets disconnect
Reset to older snapshot- everything disappears and nearly had to rebuild from scratch if not for the tech team saving the day.
Dates don’t sort right, so I had to change our date format from US dates (mm/dd/yy) to year first, which is odd for us completely because december comes after october, but december was 2022, so it should not be at the top of the list when sorting by newest on top.
Mobile experience is terrible and my users hate it.
Data sources need to be centralized for the app so that each block does not have to be updated when one thing in the source gets messed up. Once centralized source update should link to all blocks that use that source. I can’t go find 30 blocks that use something from that source every time something needs to be fixed or changed.
Tables look terrible and having to scroll so far to the right is not user-friendly. Please find a way for the area the table appears in to be widened.
Timestamp on forms needs to be a priority- I need to know when a form comes into my Google sheet, as do my users. They’d also like the ability to send it to themselves upon submit.
Updates from the sheets to softr pages need to be quicker to update than the one hour time I’m seeing currently. In addition, if I fix an error on Softr, I should be able to see the fix within a few minutes, not have to wait an hour to see if what I did fixed the issue.

I have not slept more than 3 hours at a time since my site launched, although in beta it worked just fine. I’m really tired. Sorry for the rant, but I’m really trying to stick with this because I don’t have any other option at this point.


I’m just starting my first project with Softr, but I gave up on using Google Sheets almost instantly when building the site for the same reason. Touching anything in the sheets would create errors in Softr. Not sure if I was doing something wrong, but I switched to Airtable and no issues.

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We have been using Google Sheets since 2011 and at this point have too much data to migrate over, and all of our systems depend on Google Workspace. She’s not willing to move it, and frankly, there is so much here that there’s no switching for a new web portal that my boss was not fully on board with anyway. To bring us into the 2020s, and encourage growth, I introduced Softr, and this will indeed prove her point that we probably should just have left it alone, if ask her to change and pay more money to do so.

With respect to your own issues, I just share with you my thoughts after 1 year using Softr:

  1. Never launch a product until you are 100% that you feel confident with that tool, no matter is Softr or something else

  2. No-code doesn’t mean that you don’t need to put hard work from yourself, some people wants to create business applications with 1-click, maybe you better look for another solution.

  3. Serious customisation means that you are going to assume an ongoing work with your customers

  4. Mirror or sandbox projects are good for doing tests or developments before implementing on your customer backend, that’s easy with copy or replicate options in Softr

I hope this helps!

Is this what we’ve devolved into? Backhandedly calling people careless and lazy… I’m not sure why you felt like you needed to white knight on Softr’s behalf, but let me save you the trouble. None of what you had to say contributed to solving the problems listed here, but only served to degrade and humiliate someone who appears to be on their last nerve already. If you’ve got anything useful to say, please post it. Otherwise, send it to null.

I hope this helps!

Hi @bethseam,

Thank you for detailing your experience with using Softr. Know that this doesn’t go unnoticed and it’s actually feedback like this that helps us to improve our products. We can investigate the connection issues with Google Sheets and I have shared your feedback on date sorting, the mobile experience, data source centralization, table display, timestamps, and the update speed with the product team.

Have you considered getting assistance from our Softr Experts? I’ve shared this thread with them as well.

I’d like to thank @thegoobear and @ShadowHawkX7 for their input. Constructive discussions help us all grow and improve. Written communication is tricky as it can be interpreted in different ways but at the core, we are here to help each other. Let’s continue to support one another and work together to find solutions respectfully.

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Hi Sisa, Thank you for replying. Yes, the team has gotten to know me well :laughing: :coffee: :night_with_stars: :desktop_computer: