Invite co-workers with same domain to join

Hello everyone,

I am developing a multitenancy application where users can only sign up using their work domain by whitelisting domains. When the first admin signs up, I want to include a feature similar to other SaaS apps (see screenshot) where admins can invite co-workers via email, entering their details line by line.

Does anyone know how to build this out in Softr?

Tech Stack:
Softr + Airtable

Screenshot Example:

Thank you ahead of time.

To do this you could just make a form to take in the teammates email addresses, store them in airtable, then use an airtable automation to create a user for each email and send them an invite email with magic link.

Thank you. This is great, but what if they have multiple emails to enter? If I understand this correctly, users would need to submit a new form for each email address. Is that correct?

you could accept the emails (comma separated), the same way as in your example, then process them in airtable to place them each as one user (row with whatever relevant data you decide to include per user)

Okay, I think this is a great solution, but would you happen to know how to process this in Airtable? Would it be manual?