Investor Portal using Softr

Good afternoon everyone!
My name is Illia, working at Solusign and we help companies simplify their Workflows with DocuSign Forms & Integrations.

One of our clients is an investment company and they are looking into building their own Investor Portal. We thought that Softr might be a good solution as it looks very promising and we are also using Airtable to store Investors’ information, so seems like a good fit!

As this is at the discussion stage, I do not have a list of requirements for that portal for now, but I am wondering if there are any Softr experts or other companies who successfully used Softr for this matter.

I will be glad to get to know more Investor Portal use cases and it would be amazing if someone even has some demo of the Investor Portal they built.

Hope to hear from you guys and thanks for everyone’s comment and help down below)

Hi @IlliaSolusign, thank you for considering Softr to build your investor portal :heart: I would recommend you check the live apps from our app users: Here you will find portals as well.

Also, our app has many pre-built templates that you can check and use as a base for your future apps: Among such templates are many portal templates and the one that is called Investor Portal. Please use Search to find them all.