Introducing myself


I’m building a members-only space for the clients of our real estate marketing & design firm to be able to access business resources, links to trainings, and a social media library.

I’m not a web designer at all, but rather a graphic designer trying to make this work.

I live near Boston, MA.


Hey @Carrie,

Thanks for joining us here :slight_smile:

hey I thought graphic design was the same as web design?

Hey Dave!

They are different.

Graphic designers make things like brochures, logos, business cards, book covers, banners.
Web designers work on apps and websites.

The Graphic Designer’s work can be printed (like business cards or book covers), but a Web Designer’s work will always be on the internet.

I’ll give you an example. I work as a Web Designer at my day job. Some of my responsibilities are to create websites and newsletters using no-code tools like softr.