Intercom's badge

Hello, we use intercom integration on Intercom has a small badge on the page. We want to remove that badge on specific pages. How can we handle that?

Can I check a page where the intercom badge appears? Or do you mean the intercom widget itself we can see inthe homepage? (you click on the widget and the chat box appears)

Also be careful, the iubenda widget and the intercom widget overlap in the homepage

@berk there is a chance that intercom allows to configure on their settings which page the chat should appear

We imagined that the traffic source of the page would be predominantly mobile users.

Therefore, when the “Fiyat Listemiz” button is pressed, the open modal page appears. This page was originally created to show a pop-up image. But since it is actually a web page, the intercom badge appears on this open modal page as well.

Is there any way I can hide this badge with a little custom code that I will add to a designated page?

I see.
There should be an option in Intercom to hide the widget in specific pages of your app, I think.
If not, you should install the code page per page (They must have a script snippet to be inserted to be inserted, use it in the code header of the pages where you want it to appear) and not in the whole app.