Integration of Adsense or similar ad services?

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone is building serious traffic on their Softr sites and is looking at or has already found a way to show ads on their pages in a nice-looking and simple-to-manage way. Could be Adsense or something more custom-built.

Or are all Softr websites generally only internal tools or hobby projects…?

Hey !

Show ads in softr apps will be like showing any other content. What type of managing functionality would you expect to find?

I guess embedding the Adsense code could be done just like embedding anything. I’m mostly curious whether there are people out there actually building significant traffic to their sites, and looking to build them as media businesses.

But ok, a different example would be if I sold ad space “manually” on my site. I would then like to offer different positions on my pages to specific advertisers - let’s say with an image and a tracked link. What if I wanted to do that in a dynamic way, with different advertisers for different category pages etc - how would I do that?

Well… if this was the case I would start by placing dummy ads all over the site Inviting sponsors to buy an ad slot.

Then if purchased, that person (after registration and payment) could eventually click on the banner and replace the image with its own graphic, also add a destination URL. Then logic on the airtable side will validate or process the right image dimensions for consistency and also formats the destination URL with a click counter or a more robust tracking service.

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