Integrating Softr + Domo

I have a client who wants to integrate their Domo Data for their clients into a Softr portal.

However I am running into issues with conditional filtering, since this will just be an iframe embed I can’t setup conditional filtering within softr.

The documentation isn’t really setup for no-code as much in terms of iframe embedding and filtering in a no code builder like Softr.

Any help is appreciated, here is link to docs below

Hi Cole,

Domo has a community forum where you could have additional or more accurate help => Home - Domo Community Forum
Though, as the filtering needs an authentication and as the authentication needs to be done server side… I am not optimistic that it could be embedded within Softr.


I had the same feeling, just wanted to make sure and confirm. Thanks!

I agree with @matthieu_chateau here. Since all of our filtering is done server side, this wouldn’t be possible via an Iframe/embed.