Integrating Google Calendar for users of the app

Hi people,

Has anyone managed to connect users’ google calendars to their softr app?

For my use case, I have students, mentors and teachers that can schedule meetings through the app (and take notes, set tasks, update projects, etc.). A pilot school asked if the meetings could be integrated to their Google calendars.

I don’t know where to start! I guess they would have to sign up with google as a start point?

Hi @James one way to do is by embedding their Calendars into your app just like you would do for Calendly. (see the help doc)
Each Calendar embed code should be shared with you as the owner so that you can add to the app. The users need to have google account and then follow the instructions mentioned here to find the code and you need to make sure that they are accessible to public or certain group.( the screenshot is taken from the same page where the embed code can be found)

Another way is collecting url of each Calendar(again, the access permissions is important) in a “url” or “text” field of your datasource table, connect it to a dynamic block e.g. List, Table and map that url field to “Open url” action button so that when clicked on each record button it redirects to certain Calendar

Hi Maria,

Thanks for this.

So, this way other users will be able to see another user’s calendar. What I’m looking for is a way of scheduling a meeting with that person’s calendar.

The ideal would be that a student schedules a meeting (this is a record in airtable) and fills in the fields. When they add their ‘mentor’ to the meeting (via a linked record field), the meeting shows up on the mentor’s Google calendar.

Maybe this is more of an airtable automation feature. If I have their url attached to their user record, maybe this is possible?