Integrate Stripe Connect With Softr Using Make (ex-Integromat), a Guide

Hi guys! Thank you in advance for your help!
I am stuck on one step of the topic above.
I am trying to follow the steps of Gabrielle Lods Integrate Stripe Connect With Softr Using Make (ex-Integromat), a Guide | by Gabrielle Lods | Medium

I am stuck on MODULE 4 (to be specific, in here RecordID: fetch the UserrecordID field from MODULE 1)
below is the full steps.
Add a new Airtable (Update a record) module to update & collect the data that was created in the previous modules. In Airtable, make sure you have created the columns “Stripe account ID” and “Stripe account url”. If you create them now, please refresh the module so it displays all the columns in your table.
Table: Users
RecordID: fetch the UserrecordID field from MODULE 1
Stripe account ID: body: id (from MODULE 2)
Stripe account url: body: url (from MODULE 3)

Hey there, I have fully integrated Stripe using her guide so happy to try to help out. What is not working for you? Are you not sure how to fetch the record ID using make?

Hi, thanks so much for your help. Yes, I’m not sure how to fetch the record ID using make.

Hello, what do I need to put here?

Please show what you have in the headers, it seems that you may be incorrectly inputting something into the key or value

Hi there, please find below

some screenshots

Hi Nilson, I mean click on the Stripe circle and show me what you are feeding to it. For example, this is how I have it in mine:


Hi there! Oh ok. Please see the pics attached. As you can see now i have 4 circles.

This pic is of the second circle.

Hi Nilson, sorry for getting back to you late. It isn’t working because of the extra “” around the key. The way that it is in my screenshot is working for me :slight_smile:

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Hi Gabeski!
Thank you so much! Just coming back to this project, let’s see this time how it goes. :slight_smile:
Have a good day!

I was wondering how one would update records, push the updates to stripe then back to airtable. I have some scenarios setup with airtable watchers but I don’t think watchers (time interval based integrations) are the best way to do this.

Is the solution to put a webhook on every list detail page and somehow pass the updated variables to that webhook then kick off the chain?

Hi @gabeski, Im glad to hear that you have managed to make the integration work. I have followed the steps and the webhook is responsive with Stripe as I can see in the developer logs, but for some reason the redirect is not happening on the softr end. Once a user clicks the form the button just changes to green but nothing else happens. Do you know why this be? I am assuming its the code but not sure as the webhook works. Thanks in advance