Inside padding for Image containers for use with borders

today if I have an image with a border, the image is always right up against the border. It doesn’t format well. e.g. use Contain to the size, then add a border.

I would like a border but also to enforce some white space inside the border so the image shows in the middle. Let’s call it “internal padding” so the image available space would be smaller than the image container by some padding amount. Bonus if you can do this top/bottom/left/right independently.

Can we pls see this online or visual somehow ? :slight_smile:

Here is an image that demonstrates what I’m talking about. This is from a dynamic list block. The Image is a URL-pull from another site. I don’t control the image itself. Settings are:

  • 9xs x 9xs (which if I change it doesn’t help)
  • size = contain
  • border - solid, size=1

I would like to be able to specify an inside padding so the image never touches the border.