Inline filters dont work with Smartsuite xx

Just started testing/work on a little project with SmartSuite as the backend.
Inline filters don’t seem to work in Lists, I have tried several different lists, tables and methods but can’t get it to work. Airtable does work and the ‘solutions’ in AT and SS are basically set up in the same way.
Is this a known issue?

Hey @sandervdorth,

Can you please provide some more details?

Can you please share the URL so that I can check?

Hi Suzie,

Not sure what URL you mean?

Does this help?

I’m still trying to figure this out. Would appreciate any help!

Hey @sandervdorth,

I missed your reply due to many notifications, I am sorry for that. I will make sure to check this.

Hi suzie,

I would really appreciate a solution for this problem. I really prefer SmartSuite to AirTable but this is really stopping me dead in my tracks. Also I realize that Ssuite is still in Beta but this seems like a really basic functionality that should not be ‘broken’.

Such a shame there’s no support for a user that was actually already hooked on your product. Especially since the bug is in such a basic functionality. Just don’t release something as Beta when you haven’t tested it