Inline filters - automatically update options?


I have inline filters for list detail blocks in my app, which are populated from single select Airtable fields. I have an automation in my Airtable base which adds new options to the single select field when new linked records are selected in a different field.

My assumption was that the options for the inline filter would automatically update when new options appeared in Airtable, but this doesn’t seem to be the case - I have to refresh the connection in Softr, and then manually tick any new options in the filter settings. Unless I’m doing something wrong?

Could automatic updates of inline filter options be considered?

(And while I’m asking, could we get support for linked record fields to be used as fields for inline filters)?

Many thanks and kind regards,


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Hello Matt,

Thank you for the feature request.

I will surely add this to our features request list.

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+1 this request. I’m always adding new tags and types to my resources in Airtable, and just realized that Softr doesn’t update the inline filters on the portal. This is a lot of manual work.

I would dare say it’s a bug, as why would dynamic data not be auto-refreshed from a database? Would that be reasonable?


+1 too

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Folks we have a ticket on this and will have it worked on. We will update you when we get closer


Can I ask if the ticket includes using linked record fields for inline filters too?

To clarify, I forgot to say in my original post - as Softr doesn’t support this currently, I have an automation set up to create a new option in a single select field, which I use as my inline filter (and was hoping would update automatically!) which is an exact text copy of any new linked records.

It would be fine if it doesn’t, although it would assume users know to implement my workaround, or something similar… So would be far more intuitive if it did :slight_smile:

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+1 from me

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Hey @arappai,

Your + is counted as well :slight_smile:

Hi just checking to see if there is an update on this.


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Very interested to know when we will have softr auto-synced inline filters options from airtable.

I have the exact same setup as @matt, and also hoping linked records could serve as inline filters to avoid adding linked records as option into a single/multi select airtable field

Following this thread very closely.


Hey folks :slight_smile: we have started to work on this. I don’t want to overpromise :slight_smile: but we might have this live in 2 weeks.


Really excited by this new feature Artur. Any update on the ETA?


One of our new team members is working on it as we speak :slight_smile: goes a bit slow as anticipated but we are making good progress. I will keep you posted :slight_smile:


So sorry to chase… I know you guys are shipping loads.

But any ETA on this one? Ty for any help!


Hey, folks, it’s implemented, and we are testing and doing the final touches. I expected either end of this weak or early next week


wow… so many improvements happening finally! Can’t wait to use this! This one really discouraged my coding in Softr lately tbh

Hi I’m adding a comment here because I would love to be notified when this feature is live :smiley:


Hey @delaney,

It’s almost on the way, if everything goes as planned it should be released between 7-17 days :slight_smile:

Will make sure to post here.


Hi all! :wave:

I am pleased to announced this feature was quietly released today (we will publicly announce next week but wanted to report back to you all!).

We hope this feature helps ease and streamline your app maintenance! Note: you will not need to add a new block, simply update the block with one click and you will see this feature available to you.

Thank you as always for your feedback, helping us make Softr better each day!


Thanks guys. The new feature is great.

One problem. I’m not sure whether the new feature is fully compatible with the ability to prefill selected inline filter options via the url for dynamically added new filter options. I was able to fix this by disabling and re-enabling the new feature, but I won’t want to do this each time a new filter option is added. I pass the select field via the url as below.


I might be mistaken, but could you look into this?