Inline filter set to a default value

Is there any way to have an inline filer be set by default?

I have the same question :slight_smile:

Do you mean pre-filter sort of ? like it’s described here ? List Filtering with URL

Well, almost. I’d want someone who lands on the site either by directly typing in the host (without parameters) or coming from google to have an initial value for one of the filters. Using URLs only works for direct links.

I think we would need to add this as a feature request

@artur curious if this might see the light of day anytime soon? We have a list of events filtered by “past” and “upcoming” - would be great if we could set list to auto filter to only show “upcoming” events by default but preserve the users ability to show “past” events.

I think now one option could be to do it via custom code. like after the block is loaded click on the filter automatically

Oh interesting, where would this code snippet go? In the page header? Any further direction on getting my hands on such a code snippet?