Inline filter button visibility

Hi Softr Community, I have a number of inline filters that appear as buttons. For example, we have a listing of Projects and the user can select either the “Active” project button, or the “Archived” project button, or leave them both selected. When a button is selected, it’s hard to visually see that it’s been selected. Is there something I can do with borders or colors of a selected inline filter button so it is clear what has and has not been selected?

Thank you!

Not sure if what you are actually looking for, is a way to style those buttons. Check this option:


Thanks for showing me the hover settings - I had not used those before. However, from what I can see, the hover colors are shown only when hovering, and not when the option is selected. I would like the different color to stay on the option if its selected, and go back to the default color if the option is not selected. I do appreciate learning about the hover settings!

Please, try, test, and trust. :wink:

You are exactly right! When I first tried it I had filter buttons that were colored the same as the source, and that didn’t give the option to change hover colors. When I set those to a single color, I was able to define the hover colors and it’s perfect. Thank you so much!