Inetrract with airtable content, displayed in a list (open modal)

I’m trying to create a button that is using the content from Airtable to create a new content in Javascript. But my question is more general, is there a way to interact with the airtable content of a softr list?

I found how to get the recordID of the user or the displayed record to send it to a webhook for example, but to work on the airtable content directly in a script, I do not find …

Someone would have any idea ? a reference on the community that already talks about this?

Thanks a lot

Good news/bad news.

The good news is you can get at the Airtable data from JavaScript by referencing the window.records object. That’s a tree of objects that will have all the Airtable data that was loaded into the page.

The bad news is that this is an undocumented feature of Softr and it’s about to change. I’m not clear what the impact of this change will be - it might not really matter for your purposes. You can ask specific questions on that thread.

We will be maintaining window.records however not all fields in the future will be exposed. I think in terms of extensibility we need such objects in place and it’s fair to rely on them.

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A cool feature in the studio could be to select wich field to expose but “hidden”, this way we could continue to use window.records for specific uses, nop ? :slight_smile: @artur

That’s the plan :slight_smile:

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