Inbox block in mobile view is glitchy

The inbox block in mobile view reverts back to the list when a list item is selected. Must be a problem, because the desktop and tablet views show details of list items fine. This happens in mobile view randomly.

Thanks Ben. This bug was reported when the inbox block first came out. I think it’s one of a number of reasons why the inbox block is a good start but not really ready for production yet. Ideally such blocks would be marked as beta.


Thanks David. I think Softr should focus more on getting their existing rollouts right, instead of releasing unfinished features frequently. It would reduce reconfigurations and turnover, convert more users to paid plans in the long run, and most importantly result in apps that end-users can actually use.

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Couldn’t agree more. From a strategic perspective, releasing unfinished features is a conscious decision to trade off current sales against future churn. This might be the right business decision for Softr, just like accruing technical debt is often a good engineering decision. But it’s very frustrating for us users!

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Hey Ben,

Sorry for the inconvenience, yes, it’s a known issue we have it included in our ToDo list, will double check on when the team will be able to fix it.

Thanks for the update and transparency Suzie. Appreciate the follow up.

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You are welcome, in discussions with the team, will keep you posted :slight_smile: