In Studio, header block action options all disappeared at once!

Something very strange is happening right now. I don’t know if its a bug connected with with recent updates you are making, as I noticed a lot of block updates today. On both of my header blocks on the home page, the Action options, for what happens when that menu item is clicked, are all gone! All of them. At first I panicked and re-entered them all for one of the headers for non-signed-in-users. Then I tested them on the other header for signed-in users. The buttons still work on the production page, according to their old settings! But the header fields in Studio are all blank!

One other thing, not sure if its related. The “sign-in” button on the non-signed-in header stopped working, but I didn’t change anything. The action was set to the "Sign-in Page and was still showing “Sign-in Page” (the opposite, it was showing but not working while all the other actions were working but not showing). After I re-entered the exact same action “Sign-In Page” for that button, it started working again! Like somehow the action needed to be refreshed, even though i had done nothing to that action button or to the sign-on page itself. So it seems related to the first bug.

Hey @EricM,

Thanks for the detailed information. I will need to check all these details with the team, will give you an update tomorrow.