In App Private Messaging - Having trouble

Hey there, I’m currently using Softr, Airtable, and Zapier

I’d like to be able to connect users privately, like a dating application. For my MVP, I will manually connect two users who I think should talk, then they privately message each other.

Each user will need to have the ability to chat with multiple users without having to login again after they are logged into softr, get notified via sms or email when they get a new message, and needs to be mobile web browser friendly (no big embedded windows)

I’ve seen atomchat and the comment box along with sendbird being offered as solutions in the past on here, but i’m hoping someone can come up with something better.

Any ideas?

You’re definitely going to need to integrate something. Can you say a little more about what you don’t like about atomchat or sendbird? Otherwise it’s going to be hard to know how to help.

I contacted you from experts but here is a workaround that could fit your needs.

Airtable automation for emails + UX work might be needed

Haven’t tried send bird yet, but i’ve sent them a message to get a call back.

With atomchat I’m trying to figure out how to privately connect two users without other users knowing, and I think atom chat lets all the users see all the other users. Also, I don’t see a way for it to notify the users when a new message is sent to their email or sms. The embed option also isn’t mobile friendly since their chat box doesn’t shrink.

This might work, but what if I just want bruce wayne and tony stark to privately message, and Bob ross and tony stark to message, but not allow Bob Ross to chat with bruce wayne? Basically, I have only certain members I will want chatting with each other, not an “all members” page, but more like “your matched members” page. How would you set that up?

Easy : conditional filters and visibility conditions to be used + one or two airtable fields ruling the conditions if very specific.

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