Import csv. with multiple users in

Hi everyone,

I will soon be doing a platform migration, and I will need to import multiple users using

Please note that I cannot use the native solution in Softr, as I have a workflow in that needs to be run for each individual user. There is about ± 1000 users in this single import. But I will be using it from time to time for a handful of user import.

I will have a CSV submitted through a form in softr, which will be processed as a webhook in Once this is done, I will need each individual row in the csv. to run through the whole process.

The part I’m unsure about is how to make sure that the process reads and runs through each row (the part in orange). Anyone have any tips?

You might need python code step there :slight_smile: and chatgpt can do that code for you :slight_smile:

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