Images Alt text not working?

Hi, I’m using a tool for SEO site audit and it’s telling me none of the images on my website have alt text. They do. Do I have to write it somehow specific (within " … ")?

Hi @DriverUp and welcome to the community!

How are you specifying the alt text for images on your site?

Can you provide a link to a page we could look at?

Hi, I’m just writing the description in the “Image alt” bracket of the picture’s menu. Probably doing it wrong?

Can you post something a little more specific - a screen shot or recording or link I could try? I’m still not quite sure what you are doing.

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that’s the picture for example - clicked on it - menu opens - I write the bit in the “image alt”. and then I use a tool named WebCEO which gives me a site audit for SEO which doesn’t recognize the text.

I can confirm that Softr is correctly generating the alt attribute of the <img> tag for the image. So I think there are two possibilities for what you’re seeing:

  1. the WebCEO tool is lying to you
  2. the WebCEO is reporting a problem with a different image on your site, not the one you’re supplying in this block

Can you post a picture of what WebCEO is saying about the page?

Oh I’ve got it, thanks for confirming it works. WebCEO was showing me all pages, but it was just 1 image - so the only one image on all pages is the logo image. Wrote in the text and it’s good now. Thank you very much dcoletta ^^