Images (Airtable or Google Sheets - Storing URL's Only)

I am in a bit of a situation. When I use AirTable, and use a Long Text to store an Image URL. That field cannot be selected when I am in studio and selecting a field for an image. It’s believe it is an incompatible data type, so it cannot be selected.

In my case I am doing amazon affiliate marketing with 1000 products and with each product your supplied an image URL eg:

If my datastore was Google Sheets, there is no problem, because google sheets does not have a field type per se, however if I use AirTable, then I am forced to use the “Attachment” field type and upload the images into that field. If you think I am going to do that with 1000 items, you are wrong.

This sounds like an easy fix. If the image URL’s are stored in a long text in air table, then it SHOULD be “a compatible field type”. You already have the code how to handle URL’s just as if it was from Google sheets, I assume the fix could be implemented very quickly, otherwise I see no reason to use and pay for AirTable whatsoever.

Please Fix This Bug Or Push It To the Top as a feature.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Goldstein