Image not showing from the published app


Hello there, I am very new to the Softr, so I may need some help with this.
Either this is a bug… or just my lack-of-knowledge…

Current Condition:

  1. Google Spreadsheet used as a database source

  2. Google Drive image url is being used for the image source

  3. Image is being correctly linked to the ‘list’ and ‘list details’ components

  4. The images are correctly shown on (1) Softr Studio AND (2) Published webpage ONLY USING THE SAME CHROME BROWSER (NEW TAB).

  5. PROBLEM – When I try to access the published webpage from different browser (i.e. iPhone, Chrome incognito mode, etc), all the other data is showing, but the IMAGE is not being shown.

  6. Strangely enough… Softr Studio & published webpage from same browser will show the images…

I am creating a ‘public profile’ page for a dating consultation service, and our clients should be able to publicly access the profile pages through URL, without having to log in.

Anyone help please…?