Image Gallery doesn't take URL

is it a bug?
I’d like to take the URL of my picture for the item fields like I did it in item field image before, too.

I also tried to take the original uploaded picture.
But then I don’t get anything …

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After some changes on my side for the table1-theme it isn’t possible to insert an URL to the Image-type, neither.

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Hi there, would you mind sharing some screenshots from the Airtable too? If you don’t mind sharing the image URL with me that would be great too so I re-create the case and investigate it.

Meanwhile, I just want to make sure did it work previously? If yes, what changes were applied so it doesn’t work anymore?

Hi Viktoria,

thank you for responding.

Backend as admin

View as a logged in user

airtable (sorted in opposite direction)

URLs out of airtable









Hope that helps.

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Any updates on this, did you manage to make it work?

Hey @Martin,

One things we can try first is removing / from the field name

Can you please replace it with URL Pfad fur Bild, refresh the connection and double check?


Hey @Suzie,

delete, publish, refresh, choosing URL/Pfad für Bild again doesn’t work.
Somehow no picture gets shown if I choose its URL-path.

Only, if I take the place of the picture in airtable directly.
But I prefer working with the URL-path …

Hey @Martin,

Did you remove slash from the field name and checked it? Can you please contact our support chat to discuss a few more details? This will help us to fix this issue faster, it already took long time.

You can contact me or one of my colleagues.