Image Gallery broken?

Hey, was the behavior of the image gallery element changed? It used to work with comma separated URLs in the data source cells, but not anymore. Help appreciated

Can you share a link so we see on which block ?

@artur yeah, I’ll share it here later. There’s no image gallery in any of the templates is there? There’s also no documentation for the image gallery element as far as I know

@artur Check https:// kenia8852.softr .app/test?recordId=VriPgRUC1VS5BdCWs7rDqE for instance.

This is Client Portal template with Gsheets data source where I added a /test page with List Details element.

In it I added Image Gallery using newly created “Project Images” column that I added to the data source and populated it with comma separated URLs. This used to work until recently but now breaks the image gallery if you check in the top link.

Kindly let me know how the image URLs need to formatted when I populate them into the data source so that the images will be displayed correctly again :pray:

@artur friendly reminder. Can you point me to some docs for Image Gallery + Gsheets data source? Thanks in advance

Can you add urls separated by comma and space like url1, url2 this should make it work

Looks like this fixed it. Thanks for the hint!