Image and file issues in list-detail

Hi everyone
I’m having some issues with setting up the list-detail page and I don’t know whether I’m doing something wrong or it’s some sort of bug.

Basically, in the 3-column form, I want to clients to have a logo image and a personal picture.
I have created the two corresponding fields in Airtable.
I have added the same fields to the update user form so that clients can upload their files.
I have added the two fields in the list-detail page.

However online one of the images is shown and in BOTH fields even though it’s only present in one Airtable field.
The second image is not displayed at all.

Not sure what to try next :thinking:

@Mygrate could you pls share some screenshots or recording showing your setup ?

@artur I think it was a cache issue. I performed some cache cleaning and it all seems to work now. It the issue happens again I will post some screenshots :slight_smile:
thank you!

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