I want my Webhook response to redirect to my softr page

I am currently building an online marketplace in Softr and I would like customers to be able to confirm their data again after buying an object with prepayment. For this purpose, the customers enter their data for the purchase process on the detailed page of the property and I would then like to present this data again on another page. To do this, I am currently trying to ensure that the second page can access the recordId of the buyer’s database entry. To do this, I use a webhook response in make.com.

In search of a solution, I have already found out that I have to enter the following code in the settings of softr, but it still doesn’t work.

I use this tutorial: Redirect via Webhook After Form Submission - Custom Coding - Softr Community

make says that the scenario is finalized, but when testing I am not directed to a new page, nothing happens, not even an error message or something.
It would be great if someone knew a solution!

I don’t suppose by any chance you’re using a VPN? Specifically NordVPN?

Also, can you clarify - did you use the original code or Arthur’s updated code (with the right form name)?

Hello, thanks for your quick feedback!
I’m not currently using a VPN.
As far as I can tell, I’m using the updated code with the correct form name (in my case, “form4”).

I just rechecked your original screenshot. Try adding the following before you cite the record id: ?recordId=

So it should look like:

{"redirect": "https://www.yoursitehere.com/something?recordId=xyz"}

Hey I’ve tried your idea, unfortunately still nothing happens when I press the button that sends the data to make. Everything runs in make, but the user still doesn’t get to the next page.
I have created a video for a better understanding of the process


With Make devil is in the details but you can try several things:
the right path for adding a recordId is https://www.artitup-kunst.de/sendungsinformationen-copy?recordId=“2.customerRecordId” (note the addition of recordId= and maybe try to not use {redirect. Which would lead to this solution :point_down:

A webhook response module, at the end of your scenario with 302 status and Location as key and https://www.artitup-kunst.de/sendungsinformationen-copy?recordId=“2.customerRecordId” as a value

I’ve tried both versions, but unfortunately nothing happens with either of them. Did I enter something wrong?

No matter what link I put there, nothing happens. It doesn’t even get an error message or anything.