I charged for a one year premium plan although I didn't want to go over free trial!

@Maria @Suzie
Sorry to ping you here, I messaged you a couple of times in product support but haven’t got an answer yet!

Yesterday I got a bill for one of the premium plans however I didn’t want to go over my free trial. I messaged the support immediately after getting the bill and asked to cancel the bill and payment! Till now haven’t got an answer from your support in the product. Would you please help me to cancel the bill and payment, since I didn’t want to go over the free trial and I forgot to cancel the subscription before the trial day? Although usually companies send emails before charging the premium plans but I didn’t get any regarding this from Softr!

Marine answered and the problem was solved with a refund. Thanks for your support!

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Dear @Mohsenk, I am always happy to help and sorry for the inconvenience!

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