I am brand new to Softer!

I am building a basic customer portal for monthly subscription model. I have a lot of questions but I will start with one.

at the top of the designer page where you are building your app you see a dropdown that has many options? “View Everting”, “Logged in users”, “Non Logged in users”, “Clients”, and “Consultants”

What is this for what is it used for and what does it mean when I select one of these options?


Hi Jared! :wave:t2:Welcome to Softr!

These are indicating Softr User Groups for the template you chose, which allow you to set visibility settings within your Softr app. This allow you to define what content specific user groups can see or not see. So for example, if there is a block or page you only want admins to be able to see (such as an invoice page), you can set that User Groups. The dropdown you are showing us here is just a way to view the app as a specific User Group.

You can check out this video for a guide, however please note the editing feature is changing as of today as we are releasing action buttons in a few hours. But this video should still help explain the purpose of user groups.

I also recommend trying out the whole Getting Started With Softr Series found here: Getting Started With Softr - YouTube

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Video is set to private.

Ya I can’t see the video anymore.