How to view or modify User Groups?

I have created User Groups and set up page after sign in/up and page after sign out for each group.

However, I can’t see the list by User Groups or use the
or edit the User Groups?

All data is linked to google sheet.

I set up an additional form to be filled out right on the redirection page after sign up.

I want to use hidden fields
1st sign up → 2nd form, and I want to automatically match the affiliations of the subscribers.

However, because of the 2 consecutive emails
These users are not being synced
I’m getting a message with the email they entered when signing up, and a message with the
Duplicated email address
from the form is in conflict.

If you go to google sheet and delete one of the conflicting emails, it will be resolved.

However, User Groups are still not being created or displayed
How can we determine the User Groups at the time of signup?

Hi @carg, you will find all your created User Groups when you open the app Settings → User Group, then press on User Group in the opened menu and you will see all your created user groups.

  1. Note that to see the user group settings, you will need to press on a user group and edit it in the opened window.
  2. Note that to delete an existing user group, you will need to press on the 3-dot icon next to a user group name and choose “Delete” from the opened list.

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