How to use my custom domain if my TLD is not a WWW?

Hi All,

New to the community but really like the atmosphere here.
I want to use a custom domain but it does not start with WWW as required by the instruction to use for the CNAME; can someone clarify how to resolve this or is this actually an issue (though I’m sure there is somewhere more knowledgeable out there than me that can help).
Many thanks in advance for any clarity / insight, appreciate the / any help :slight_smile:

Hey @dmp23,

What exactly do you want to add? Can you please share with me?

Hi Suzie,
I’ve done a little more checking and it seems I’m sort of at fault.
Basically I created a new domain attached to my Bluehost account but did not assign it (not sure how that all works) but apparently there was a delay for that to happen, and eventually it did.
So we can sort of close this thread not to get off topic but now I have to check for the next issue:

403 Forbidden error

Which I fully suspect is to do with something I either (a) have or (b) have not done on my Bluehost domain management site… (if you have any clues it would be good to know) but I will go and do my homework to find out.

David :slight_smile: