How to use formula generated content in Airtable as a filter in Softr

Hello, I’m currently building a internal management tool for a restaurant with Airtable and Softr. I would like to propose a page where employees can calculate their shifts monthly, filtering by month (how many shifts in december 2023 ?). Problem is : softr don’t allow filter based on raw date data. So i had to convert raw date data into a text in Airtable (12/16/2023 → december) thanks to a formula, but here again, Softr doesn’t allow to use formula generated content in Airtable as a filter research. My quesiton is: how can i do to have this monthly research feature in Softr ? I hope this is clear enough, looking forward to read your solution :slight_smile:

Yes, you can use a formula field to filter content on your list blocks.

The output of your formula in airtable should look like ‘Value1, value2, value3’

Let me know if this helps your use case.

Hello acjnas,

Thanks for your quick reply !

And yes this helped me thank you, now able to finish my project :slight_smile:

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Thanks acjnas, maybe you could also have some idea if the logic should go opposite direction:

  • you have slots, with date field, from the date you could calculate the week of the year this slot belongs.
  • Each user has in his account a time window from which week to which week he or she could see the slots

In this case we need to filter all slots, which belongs to the user allowed time window, ie
Slot_Week_Calculated_Number >= User.FromWeek
Slot_Week_Calculated_Number <= User.ToWeek

I can’t figure out how to make Softr treating formula field as a number, not as a string

Thank you :pray: