How to update user name in database with user profile block?

How do we update a user’s name in Airtable using a Softr User Profile Block? It updates the Data Section in Studio, but not the user Airtable the Softr Studio Data section is Mapped to. Does it have something to do with the Data section’s ability to enter new records, but not edit existing records?

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Will this help?

Hi Jeff. Unfortunately not. It appears that the Softr user profile block changes the name in the data section ONLY. It does not change the name or email address in your airtable user table. Therefore, if a user wants to change their name or email address, it will not be added to their/your Airtable user table on the same record with the rest of the parameters (e.g. status, created time, …) you’ve added. This makes it more difficult to keep tabs on your users in Airtable if they decide to change their name or want to use a new email address, because these changes will not correspond with the initial record id that is created when they signed up :expressionless: . If anyone else has a work around, please let me know. It would probably make creators’ lives a lot easier :wink: .

I know for a fact the the user is not allowed to change their email address after they have registered. I was told by Softr support.

I have found that you either use the Sofrt user profile block to let users manage their name (additional fields are supposedly in the works).

Or, you go completely on the Airtable side by allowing the user to update their member profile from whatever table you are using in Airtable.

Still, there is no synchronization between the user table in Softr, and your member table after the user record is generated in your member table.

I think that once they implement additional fields on the Softr side, it will make life easier.

Thanks Jeff. Agree with Softr implementing additional sign up fields.

If you “go completely Airtable”, I’m assuming you mean link to or email your user’s an Airtable form. But how would you link that Airtable form to the initial record if you created it using a Softr sign up block? If you do, I don’t see how you could also use Softr’s user profile , forgot and reset email blocks, which depend on each other and seem pretty useful.

On the other hand, I suppose you could go completely on the Softr side :laughing: (that sounded like a bath tissue slogan), and have users edit or add their own records once they’ve signed up through the sign-up block, with Sofr’s new ‘Block Editing by Users’ feature’? But you’d want to verify their email address first or somewhere within that part of the user journey I suppose.

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