How to unlink/create a blank cell with 1-click-update?

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to clear the value of a specific cell with one-click-update. Note that the record can’t be deleted.
Softr doesn’t allow an empty input as a value for one-click-update.
Any ideas?


Hi @thijs it is not possible to submit empty value with one-click-update button but If you are ok with using Edit record button instead, you can totally set empty value/remove value and leave the value empty as long as the field that should be updated is not marked as required

Yes, this is possible.

In the users table add a new column e.g. “blankColumn”. This is a formula containing BLANK().

In one-click update, as input value select Logged in user and blankColumn. That should do it

We will have a clear value option coming soon too