How to track time?

Does anybody have a way to clock-on, and clock-off of a project? I am in the business of managing projects and billing for the time it takes. I want to develop code that tracks time elapsed, that I can then have it use my multiplier of cost per hour, and add it to my invoice when I close the project.

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Hi @jpalmo and welcome to the community!

I can recommend Toggl Track: Time Tracking Software for Any Workflow for this.

But I’m a little uncertain from your post whether you were asking for a recommendation for a general-purpose tool, or if you were asking whether this was a feature in Softr.

If the latter, I’m not aware of any way to do it in Softr, and I don’t think it would be a worthwhile effort to try to do it entirely in Softr. (Though I can imagine an integration built between Softr and another tool where time spent in a Softr app was automatically logged into the other tool.)

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Thank you! How would you recommend creating a Toggl Track integration?

I don’t have a recommendation for how to do it – I just said I could imagine it… :slight_smile:

But if I did want to create it, I’d study their API docs and then see what was possible from there.

Typically the challenge in these integrations is authentication across both Softr and the service being integrated. Toggl Track’s authentication docs make me think this is going to be hard, because they require a secret (either email/password, session cookie, or API token) to be supplied via a call from JavaScript. There’s no secure way to do that from the browser – you will have to do that via a server – and I think that means you’ll need to involve something like Make in the loop.

If someone else has ideas about how to accomplish this in a simpler fashion, please chime in!

Any recommendation on how to accomplish it using Airtable + Softr only?
I need a very simple time-tracking logic (e.g. start tracking on the press of a button)

Hi @ob95 you can do it just with action buttons, using Airtable+Softr, in my case it is for working hours, so:

  1. As I have to “Grant to check the position”, I use fillout for this first step, so it produces in Airtable just a true value of a field, after that, I use the “created time”, as the begining of the time.

  2. In a second step, I use just a button, to presh it just as I have finished the day, so I take into account the value of the “Last modifield” field…

I hope it helps you…