How to track ticket sales in Softr

I am setting up an events page and am using the Stripe-based payment form to purchase tickets. Each event has a limited number of tickets.

Our events are listed in an AirTable base with the total number of available tickets. We use the List Block to display those events, with a “Purchase Tickets” button that takes users to a Stripe payment page.

  • Once the event is sold out, can I prevent people from accessing the payment window?
  • Does Softr identify which event brought the user to the payment page?

Our desired ticketing feature overlaps with another question I have about e-commerce sales. For those who have built e-commerce platforms with Softr, how do you:

  • Operate purchases for specific items (do you use the Stripe payment gateway?)
  • Track purchases for each specific item
  • Determine when you are close to selling out a specific item
  • Pause sales if a specific item is sold out

We hope to build this exclusively with AirTable, Softr, and Stripe. However, we are willing to add in Integromat or a similar tool to assist with the process.

Hey Tom,

Do you still want to show sold out events ?
If hiding them is an option then you could have zapier to Airtable logic and decrease the available tickets column each time checkout is happening then having formula column which sets status based on the available tickets. With this approach you can easily hide the particular item

Getting closer to a solution! That sounds like it should take care of the final step in the process. Thank you.

Our Remaining Question
Our events are displayed on a List Block. Clicking the button on the record takes the user to a pre-payment Form page. This Form has a Hidden Field that should autofill the specific record ID of the event with this function. {URL_PARAM:recordid}

I’m trying to recreate the process used by Gareth Pronovost. In the video, whenever Gareth clicks on an item in a List Block and goes to a Form page, the record ID for that specific item is carried into the URL.

However, when I follow that process, I get taken to a generic URL without any record IDs carried over. What am I missing here?

We would need to see your click action mapping pic :slight_smile: